Penelope knows that nothing good ever comes easy.

So, when she finds herself pitted against the CEO’s dreadful son-in-law for a promotion that she deserves, Penelope is determined that no amount of nepotism is going to keep her from landing her dream job.

The one thing she didn’t count on was a handsome, grumpy Cowboy that keeps putting his boots all up in her business.

Stone knows better than anyone that working in the family business is a challenge on many levels.

And that’s even more true when your family isn’t really yours.

He has had to work twice as hard to prove he belongs.

So Stone isn’t about to let some know-it-all Blonde Bombshell in hot pink heels question his every move.

But, under the glittering lights of Las Vegas, everything is not as it seems.

When an outside force begins to work against her, can Penelope still prove she has what it takes?

And will Stone and Penelope look far enough past their assumptions about each other to see that they may not be that different after all?

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Torn between the brother of his soul and the woman who held his heart,

Silas made a choice that still haunts him every day.

Doing the right thing was never going to be easy,

But Silas was starting to wonder if pushing Daphne away was really the right thing after all.

But when trouble finds her, there is no question in his mind:

He’s going to do everything in his power to get her back.

And this time, he’s never letting her go.

*Second Chance Romance

*Brother's Best Friend


*Mistaken Identity


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Francesca De Marco dedicated her life to the Mafia.

And the Mafia took without shame.

It took her mother.  It took her brother.

It took everything

And still, she gave.


But no matter her hard work and commitment,

A woman would never be taken seriously in a man’s world.

To the Family, her only use was her ability to be married off.

To use her as a pawn, when she was born to be a Queen.


But, Francesca De Marco is done giving.


This time, it’s her turn to take.

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Enzo Argenti was a born opportunist.

And this was just the kind of thing he’d been looking for.

It was an arrangement.  A deal.

Marry the girl, get into the life.

And try to keep his heart out of the equation. 

But Francesca De Marco was so much more than he’d been told.

And now someone was trying to hurt her.

Someone was trying to take the woman who meant the world to him.

They call him the Bastard Prince of Las Vegas

But they have no idea.

This time, he’ll show them what a Bastard he can really be.  

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Secrets were never good.

I knew that.

But I had spent so long protecting mine

I didn’t even remember what a life without lies felt like.

But this man?

He made me want to spill my soul at his feet

Just to watch him play with the pieces.

But every secret has a price

And when mine comes due

The cost may be more than I could ever hope to pay.


She shot me down.

It’s not like it had never happened before.

I mean, it was rare, but it had happened.

But this woman?

Man, there was something about her that I just couldn’t shake.

It was starting to look like I really didn’t want to.

But when the truth came out

And I finally saw the whole picture

I knew I’d do whatever it took to keep her.

To keep them both.  

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If it wasn’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all.

All I wanted was to run my own tattoo shop,

But between a terrible boss and a serious lack of funds,

That dream seemed a little farther away every day.

When a wicked opportunity came along,

I grabbed on to it with both hands, knowing it might be my only shot.

But a chance encounter with my broad-shouldered neighbor

Had me thinking that maybe success wasn’t the only thing I’d been missing in my life.

Even if one unhinged client was trying to take everything from me.

But I refused to go down without a fight.


The first time I laid eyes on Ricki Vasquez, I put my foot right in my mouth.

Not the greatest start, I’ll admit, but there was something about her that drew me in.

And I couldn’t stop thinking about the tattooed goddess with a

Mouth like a sailor and a taste for good whiskey.

But she was prickly; guarded in a way I couldn’t understand.

And it seemed like no matter what I did, she was determined to use her thorns against me.

But she didn’t understand that I wasn’t the type of man to

Quit when things got tough.

Ricki may have thought what we had was casual; I knew it was anything but.

Because just like her ink, she was under my skin. Permanently.
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Christmas is the time of year to be with those you love,

Which is exactly what Holly had planned to do

When she bid on a couple’s ski trip to Tahoe.

Unfortunately, Holly’s boyfriend had other ideas,

And he took her Christmas spirit with him when he left. 


Loss is something Jack is all too familiar with.

He can barely remember his last Merry Christmas.

So, Jack booked a last-minute getaway to Tahoe,

To try to recapture those treasured moments.


Holly’s broken spirit and Jack’s broken heart

Brought them to spend Christmas in Lake Tahoe.

Now Lake Tahoe will give Jack and Holly

A Christmas To Remember

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